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What is Apple Pay

On the press conference of iPhone 6, Apple not only released two kids of iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, but also launched one kind of service called “Apple Pay”. As for everyone, “Apple Pay” is not familiar with us. So what is Apple Pay on earth? And how it works? Let me introduce it to you in detail.


What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a bran-new Near Field Communication service which launch for iPhone 6, it can be used to achieve near field payment by NFC, fingerprint identification and Passbook. Till now, only iPhone 6 smart phone supports this function.
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Apple Pay Payment Service

To speak safety, Apple Pay payment service is completely a progress among users, banks and the first party. Every payment has its own dynamic verifiable code. Besides, if the users lose their phones, they can lock “Apple Pay” function remotely by “Find My iPhone”, that enables users to keep their bank account safe effectively.
The initial cooperative partners of Apple Pay include Subway, McDonald’s, Disney, Walgreen, Macy's and Sephora, certainly include the Apple Store. Besides, Groupon, Uber and Panera also cooperate with Apple Pay, on the later period, there will be a great number of merchants join in Apple Pay, and we can experience Apple Pay security payment.
Popular said, Apple Pay is a function that released by Apple, it bases on NFC near filed payment, and that is similar with bank cards, you can achieve payment only by scanning.


What is the use of Apple Pay?

For this question, I have introduced above. Apple Pay is a near filed payment function, it is mainly create a convenient way to achieve security payment for those iPhone which support Apple Pay. Users can use their iPhone 6 to enjoy the safety and convenient shopping payment service in those places which support Apple Pay.
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Apple Pay will officially come in October and first to operate in USA. Apple has opened the API of Apple Pay to the third-party developers, and there will be a lot of software and markets which use Apple Pay coming.
Worth to mention, at present, only iPhone 6 smart phone supports Apple Pay, iPhone 5s and the older version don’t support Apple Pay.

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