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How to Backup iPhone

Every time you lose data, you start to think of the importance of backup files, which can keep your downloads, contacts, pictures, SMS, etc. what’s more, when you decide to use a new iPhone, you can move the old iPhone’s backup to the new device so that you don’t need to download the same apps or re-enter the contacts, just name a few. But do you know how to backup your iPhone?

As an iPhone user, you must know that iTunes is not only the music player, but also the manager of your iDevice. Once you connect the iPhone to PC and run iTunes, you will see “Backups” in the middle of the main window, then you can choose “back up the most important data on your iPhone to iCloud”, or a full backup of your iPhone will be stored on this computer”. However, on one hand, you only have 5 GB space for free on iCloud. It other words, you need to pay if you want more space. On the other hand, if you have a lot of data, it will take you a long time to backup on iTunes. Based on these cases, I highly recommend iPhone Transfer.

Note: The Mac version doesn't support backing up playlists, contacts and SMS to Mac.

Tutorial: How to Backup iPhone Data

Step 1.

Connect iPhone to Computer

After the installation of iPhone Transfer, launch it and connect iPhone to computer with the USB cable. After they are connected successfully, you'll see iPhone is displayed in the starting window. Switch to the next step to move on. connect iphone to pc

Step 2.

Backup iPhone Data

Here, lets' begin to backup iPhone data: music, contacts, SMS, movies and more.
In the primary window, click "Export Music to Folder" to backup music to your computer.
backup music to computer

Backup iPhone music: Click "Media". Then Click "Music". Tick off the songs files that you want. And click "Export to". You can choose a location to save the songs.
export iphone music

And then, click "Movies" to select the movies. Then click "Export to" to computer to backup these iPhone movies.
Note: podcast, videos, music, iTunes U are in the similar way to backup.
export iphone videos

Backup playlists to computer, click "Playlist". Then, select the playlists that you want to backup. Just click "Export to" and choose a location on your computer to backup the playlists.
backup iphone playlists

Backup iPhone photos: Click "Photos" and select the photos in the window and Click "Export to" to backup them to computer.
backup iphone photos

Backup contacts from iPhone to computer: Click "Contacts" and select the contacts. Then click "Import/Export" > "Export selected contacts to computer" or "Export all contacts to computer">"to vCard file".
backup iphone contacts

To backup iPhone SMS, click "SMS" and select the SMS, then click "Export to". You can either "Export selected SMS to computer" or "Export all SMS to computer".
backup iphone sms

More Information of iPhone Backup

If you want to backup iPhone apps, wallpaper, calendar accounts and more, please follow the instructions below:
To backup iPhone apps, wallpaper, calendar accounts, Home screen, etc. Connect iPhone with your iTunes. Launch iTunes, click View > Show Sidebar. Then from the left side, under Device, right click your iPhone. From the drop-down list, click "Back Up"
backup iphone apps


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