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How to Backup iPhone Music to iTunes/Computer

“I want to backup my music to my iTunes or computer, because there are too much music files in my phone, and I want to download some new songs, but as there are not enough storage in my iPhone, I want to backup some songs, what can I do?”

A great number of users want to backup iPhone music to computer or iTunes. However, they find it not easy to do the task. You may fail to backup your music when you tried to use iTunes, that’s because you can only use Apple iTunes to transfer those iTunes Store purchased songs, not these ones downloaded directly from the Internet. Thus, if you want to backup songs which are not purchased on iPhone to your computer or iTunes, you need a third-party software to help you.

Here, I'd like to recommend you a useful iPhone backup software. It's called iPhone Transfer or iPhone Transfer for Mac. With the help of this tool, you can backup all songs on your iPhone to your computer or iTunes.

How to Backup iPhone Music

Step 1.

Download the Tool and Install It

First, click the icon above to free download the backup tool which contain Windows version and Mac version to your computer. After downloading, install and launch this iPhone backup tool on your computer.

Step 2.

Connect iPhone with Computer

Connect your iPhone with computer via the USB cable coming with your iPhone. This tool will immediately detect it and then show it in the primary window.
connect iphone with computer

Step 3.

iPhone Backup Songs

In order to backup songs to your computer, click "Export Music to Folder" in the primary window if you want to backup music to iTunes, click "Copy iDevices to iTunes" and "Start". In the pops-up interface, remove marks before videos, iTunes U, Podcast and more. Then click "Copy to iTunes".

If you want to backup songs and playlists on iPhone, you can click "Media" in the left-side column, and then Click "Music", then in music management window, select songs you want to backup, click "Export to". In the drop-down list, you can either choose "Export to Your Computer" or "Export to iTunes Library". If you decide to backup songs to computer, choose a storage path to store the music after selecting "Export to Your Computer".
bakeup songs

If you decide to backup playlists, click "Playlist". Choose playlists you want to backup and click "Export to", then choose a storage path to save the playlists. If you want to backup music to iTunes, you can click the area under "Export to" and choose "Export to iTunes Library".
export songs to itunes library

Don’t think backup music is the only function of iPhone Transfer, besides, it enables you to export videos, photos, contacts, messages, etc. to computer as well. With it, you'll no longer worry about losing your songs, videos or other data. It’s convenient, right?

Download iPhone Transfer! Back up iPhone right now!


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