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How to Create a Playlist on iPhone

“After I reinstall the system, I try to restore music from iTunes but I found that I couldn't transfer my playlist to the iPhone. Is there a solution to copy my playlist back to iPhone from iTunes?”

As everyone knows, iTunes can transfer playlists to iPhone. It seems pretty easy and convenient. But, during the syncing period, iTunes will remove all the existing playlists that you've already saved in your iPhone. If you are going to merge the existing playlists and the new ones, I'll suggest you to use iPhone Transfer.

iPhone Transfer is capable to transfer your playlist from iTunes to iPhone. If you don't want to lose any playlists or other data during the transferring, try to use iPhone Transfer. With iPhone Transfer, you can solve this problem easily.

How to Create a Playlist on iPhone

Step 1.

Download iPhone Transfer and Install It

Click the icon above to download iPhone Transfer and install it on your computer. You can install it both on PC and Mac, make sure the version you download is suitable for your computer. Then you can see the interface of it appear on your Windows desktop.

Step 2.

Connect Your iPhone to the Computer

After launching the iPhone Transfer, you can connect your iPhone via a USB cable. Once it's connected, the tool will detect your iPhone automatically and all your files include media, playlist, photos, and contacts will be displayed on the interface.
connect iphone to computer

Step 3.

Transfer the Playlist to iPhone

On the interface, you can see a list include “Media”, “Playlist”, “Photos”, “Contacts” etc. You need to click “Playlist”. Then click the triangle under “Add”, then select “Add iTunes Playlist” in the pop-up menu. Then another interface will pop up, choose all iTunes playlists transferred by default. Check your choosing playlist again and then click “OK”. It'll just take seconds to finish the transferring. All you have to care is to make sure your iPhone is well connected to the computer.
transfer playlists to iphone

Using iPhone Transfer is a simple and convenient way to transfer your playlists from iTunes to iPhone. Besides, you can also use it to transfer videos, photos, contacts, messages, music, etc. from iPhone to computer. You can get everything back to your iPhone. It is a useful tool for every iPhone users.


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