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How to Delete Music from iPhone

I have an iPhone 4S w/ iOS6.1 and iTunes 11.0.1. When trying to manage my music on my iPhone using iTunes, I can't seem to delete any of them. I'm not even given the option w/ right click, drag to trash or edit > delete. I have checked "manually manage", never had Music match on and only back up to my computer. I'm at a total loss! HELP!!! - Sarzdorf

I guess many of the new iPhone users may encounter the same problem like Sarzdorf’s. If there are not so many songs in iPhone, you can delete them one by one manually. But if you intend to remove a large number of songs to free up some space for new music, movies or apps, you’d better not delete them one by one because you will waste much time. Here I highly recommend MobileGo for iOS (Windows) or MobileGo for iOS (Mac). With it, the process of deleting music from iPhone is super easy.

Free download MobileGo for iOS to delete music from iPhone:
Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

Note: As you see, both separated Windows and Mac versions are all available. In the following, we're going to delete music on iPhone with MobileGo for iOS.

Tutorial: How to delete music from iPhone

Connect iPhone with PC
After you download and install MobileGo for iOS, double-click the quick start icon on the desktop to launch it. Use the USB cable coming with iPhone to connect your iPhone to PC. This tool will detect your iPhone immediately and show it on the main window.
Note: To use MobileGo for iOS, please install iTunes on your computer first.

Delete songs from iPhone
When you finish the first step, you can see all data on your iPhone are listed on the left. Click "Media". In the media window, click "Music". This will bring up the music window on the right side. All songs are listed here. Choose the songs that you decide to remove and click "Delete". When a small window pops up, asking you to ensure the deletion, click "Yes". Then this tool begins to delete music from iPhone.

You’re done! Only 2 simple steps, you can solve the annoying problem with ease. One thing before deleting music from iPhone you are supposed to bear in mind: back up songs in case you wrongly delete some you don’t want to delete. MobileGo for iOS is well-matched with iPhone 5, 4S, iPod touch 5, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPad mini, The New iPad, and more!

Download Windows Version Download Mac Version
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