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How to Bulk Delete Photos from iPad

I believe most of the iPad space is for storing photos and videos. However sometimes you may have so many same photos in both photo stream and albums but don’t know how to remove them. With iPad Transfer or iPad Transfer for Mac, you can easily free space for your iPad by removing bulk photos in a few seconds. This program enables you to delete photos on iPad without influencing photos from other albums and save your time. Free download the program and let’s see what we can do!

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Tutorial: How to Bulk Delete Photos from iPad

We will give you clear instruction for teaching you how to delete photos from iPad in case that you may be worrying about having deleted all the photos. For Windows users follow the below steps and Mac users could take it for reference.

Step 1.

Connect iPad to Computer and Run the Program

Connect your iPad with the computer and launch the program. If your iPad has been detected successfully then you will see your customized iPad in the main interface. In the bottom you have choices for different functions.
ipad home screen

Step 2.

Delete Photos on iPad

On the left you will see media, playlist, photos , contacts, SMS etc. Our mission is to delete photos so click “Photos”. Now you will see many options on top of the window. If you are not sure about deleting the photos, you can export photos from iPad to computer local before you implement the act of removing. Ok, choose those you wish to delete and click the trash bin icon. You can also choose all of them or part of them to delete.
delete camera roll from ipad

Now you know how to delete photos from iPad and you can also do the same for removing photos from photo library. Except for freeing space by clearing out photos, you can also remove other mass volume media which you don’t want. If you happen to delete something by mistake and you need them back, refer to our other program, iPad Data Recovery to restore the lost data from iTunes/iCloud.


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