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How to Disable iCloud but Backup iOS

On Monday, numerous nude celebrity photos of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton, singer Victoria Justice and so on were widely circulating on the Internet. This was because their iCloud accounts were hacked. This hacking scandal has led to a stir and many iPhone/iPad/iPod users starts worrying about the security hole of iCloud.
disable icloud to secure iphone
Firstly, iCloud is a cloud storage service for Apple users. But do you know exactly what does iCloud store? Basically, iCloud store data including Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Mails, Notes, SMS, Shared photo streams and documents you save on iCloud.
Since there are so many important data can be stored on iCloud, which would be hacked, how can you secure them? Not surprisingly, you’d better take personal data breach into account and begin to take some necessary methods right now.

Instruction: How to Disable Apple iCloud Account & Backup iPhone


Disable iCloud on iPhone/iPad ASAP

If you are those can live without iCloud, don’t hesitate to disable iCloud. This can to some extent secure your personal data.
Go to Setting > iCloud, then you can see a list including Mail, Contacts, Photos, etc. Turn them off, especially “Photo Stream”, which automatically upload new photos if you turn it on.
Note: Before you want to disable your iCloud, you are supposed to download iCloud backup files to computer to save your previous data.


Backup iPhone Data on Offline Computer

So far the better place to save your contacts, photos, videos, notes, and so on is your offline computer. If you make this clear, you can start to backup iPhone on computer with the assistance of iPhone File Manager.

Note: This method is applied to backup iPad and iPod touch. If you use Mac, download Mac version to transfer files from iPhone to Mac.

Download iPhone Transfer and Begin Free Trial:


Connect iPhone to computer

After the installation of iPhone Transfer, launch it and connect your iPhone to computer through USB cable.


Backup iPhone Contacts/Photos/Text Messages to Computer

At the left side of the main window, choose those you want to back up on your computer by clicking “Export to”. In this step, you are allowed to preview and manage iPhone contents. You can transfer photos from iPhone to computer and do more.
backup iphone data on computer

While the above ways can enable you to protect iPhone data, no one can say for sure that there will be no information leaks if you do so. Remember to keep your intimate snapshots private, or your company's industry secrets safe. It’s incredibly important for you to protect your personal data from hacking.

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