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How to Easily Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

Your iPhone is in recovery mode when you’re managing to restore a backup or after an update to a new firmware. You tried updating your iPhone, and you know something’s gone wrong – your iPhone stuck in recovery mode. How to easily exit recovery mode without restoring your iPhone back to factory settings? You can try the following steps.

Please note that if your iPhone is indeed corrupted, you may have no other choice but to do a complete restore back to factory settings. To get iPhone out of recovery mode, follow one of these methods:

Method 1: Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone

• Hold down the "Home" and "Sleep" buttons simultaneously until your iPhone shuts off;
• Press the "Power" button to boot your iPhone.

Method 2: Use iTunes

• Run iTunes on your computer/Mac, and connect your iPhone to the computer/Mac with a USB cable.
• When iTunes recognizes your device, an iTunes popup will appear offering to restore your iPhone using your most recent backup.
• Click “OK” to restore and exit recovery mode.

Method 3: Use iPhone Data Recovery

• Free download iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your computer.

• Launch this app and connect iPhone to computer.
• Click “Restart”, then your iPhone will exit recovery mode and become normal.
exit recovery mode

Then you’re good to go. After successfully getting your iPhone out of recovery mode, maybe you need to recover some data from iPhone. Try iPhone Data Recovery if you didn’t use it to exit recovery mode, or keep using this app if you kick iPhone out of recovery mode with it, you can recover deleted photos from iPhone, restore iPhone from iTunes and so on.


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