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How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail

“I’m planning to go for a trip to Greece, and I’m afraid of losing my contacts. So I want to export my iPhone contacts to Gmail, and I can use them whenever I need, who can tell me how to do that in a fast way?”

iPhone contacts are important to users, especially those work in business, if they lost contacts of their clients by accident, that may cause a considerable loss. In addition, people always connect with others by using iPhone, but we can’t always remember the telephone number, so the contacts on iPhone help us a lot. In order to avoid losing the iPhone contacts, you may want to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail and then you can use them when you need. And if you lost your contacts, you still have chance to restore contacts on iPhone through your backup.

Here I introduce you two ways to export iPhone contacts to Gmail. Both of two ways are simple.

Tutorial 1: Using iPhone Transfer

iPhone Transfer is a useful tool which can help you to import or export iPhone files, including music, photos, playlists, etc. It support iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4/3/2/1.Below are simple steps to tell you how to export iPhone contacts to Gmail by using iPhone File Transfer.

Step 1.

Install iPhone File Transfer on Your Computer

Click the button below to download iPhone File Transfer, and then install and launch it.

Step 2.

Connect Your iPhone to The Computer

After step 1, connect your iPhone to the computer, iPhone File Transfer will detect your iPhone backup files automatically.
connect iphone with computer

Step 3.

Export iPhone Contacts to vCard File

After connecting, you can see all your file on the interface. Click “Contacts” on the left sidebar and then select the contacts you want to export. Then click “Import/Export”, a list will pop up, choose “Export all contacts to computer” or “Export selected contacts to computer”. Another list pop up again, you should select to vCard file. Then you can find a folder or somewhere the file can be easily to find to save the vCard file.
export contacts to vcard files

Step 4.

Import iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Now we can see the vCard file on the computer, then log in your Gmail. Click “Gmail” on the left sidebar. Then click “Contacts”, and click “More”, then choose “Import” in the pull-down list. A interface will pops up, click “Choose File”. Add the vCard file from where you save and click “Import”, the vCard file will import to your Gmail in a few seconds.

import contacts to gmail

Tutorial 2: Using Web Browser

Here I recommend you another way to export iPhone contacts to Gmail without using a tool, which you might think it a kind of diffcult. You need to have an iCloud account or Apple ID, if you don’t have one, register one first. Then you can export iPhone contacts to Gmail in the following steps.

Step 1.

Syncing Contacts with iCloud

After you get one iCloud account or Apple ID, find “Settings” icon on your iPhone and tap it, then tap “Navigate to iCloud”. On the pop-up interface, sign in with your Apple ID and iCloud account. Don’t forget to turn the button on the right of the icon in green.
sync contacts with icloud

Step 2.

Export iPhone Contacts to the Computer

Open your browser to open, make sure your network is available. Then sign in with your iCloud account. Click “Contacts”, you can see a list on the bottom-left corner. Click the settings icon and select “Export vCard”, choose somewhere on the computer to save the vCard file.
export contacts to computer

Step 3.

Import Contacts from iPhone to Gmail

Log in your Gmail account on your computer first. Click “Contacts” on the left sidebar, an interface will pop up, then click “More” on the top and choose “Import”. Click “Choose File” and find the vCard file which you save on the computer to import it. At last, you will find that all your iPhone contacts are imported to Gmail.
import contacts to gmail

As you can see, both of these two ways are very convenient, whether you want to use a iPhone Transfer or not just depend on yourself.


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