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How to Transfer Gmail Contacts to iPhone

You may know the way about how to transfer music, photos, videos between iPhone and PC. But do you know how to transfer Gmail Contacts to iPhone? That seems hard, isn’t it? This is a problem which annoys many iPhone users, especially those who have many contacts in Gmail or sync contacts to Gmail to backup.
Once you lose your contacts in iPhone and most of them can be found in Gmail, you must want to transfer them to your iPhone. Don’t think that is difficult. There are several ways to help you transfer Gmail contacts to iPhone. Here I will introduce you a simple way to solve this problem. With iPhone Transfer, it can be easy to transfer Gmail contacts to iPhone. Read more details below.

Guide: Transfer Gmail Contact to iPhone with iPhone Transfer

Step 1.

Export Gmail Contacts to PC

Use a web browser to log in your Gmail account. Then click "Gmail" which under the "Google" logo. On the pull-down list, click "Contacts". You can view all your Contacts. After that, click "More". On the pull-down list, choose "Export". You should export all your contacts as vCard format to PC.

Step 2.

Download and Install iPhone Transfer

Download iPhone Transfer and install it on PC. After that, launch it.

Step 3.

Connect iPhone with PC

Connect iPhone with PC via a USB cable. The program will detect and display your iPhone quickly. You can see several choices on the left menu include "Media", "Photos", "Contacts", etc. You can preview these files by choosing those file types.

Step 4.

Transfer Gmail Contacts to iPhone

Here you want to transfer Gmail contacts to iPhone. Click "Contacts". When all your iPhone contacts are displayed, click "Import/Export". On the pull-down list, choose "Import Contacts" and then choose "From vCard Files". Then you can import those contacts which export from Gmail contact before. When the transferring finishes, check your iPhone, the contacts will be shown.

That’s it. You can follow the steps above to see how to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone. What's more, you can use the tool to transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail as well. With the help of iPhone Transfer, you can transfer files like music, videos, contacts and photos between iOS devices and PC. Feel free to try it.


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