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iPhone 6: New Amazing Features and Specifications

Since iPhone 5s has been released, Apple addicts have been awaiting the arrival of the next iPhone. Now iPhone 6 is coming on 9 September, so a great number of information about iPhone 6 is declaring, and the exceptional features and specifications are gradually rising. As getting iPhone 6, An iPhone Manager tool can help you manage your iPhone data. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone can be a easy job.


Two Kinds of Size

Compared to the iPhone 5s, the most obvious difference is the size of the device. iPhone 6 has a size of 4.7 inches and a size of 5.5 inches, which is bigger than 4 inches which is the size of iPhone 5s. The bigger screen can give you a new visual.
two size of iphone 6


High Definition Camera

iPhone 6 have HD Front and rear cameras, this will surely attract a lot of buyers who prefer to have a good camera on their phones. For many photography enthusiasts, they don’t need to buy an expensive SLR camera which is too heavy to carry, what they need is just iPhone 6, which is portable and also can take stunning photos. With high-quality camera, photos record important memory. As you accidently lost photos, there is a way to recover deleted photos from iPhone.
high definition camera


Vertical outlook and Different Color

The appearance of iPhone 6 is designed vertically. It mainly has the color of black, white, and golden, and it contains lithium battery which can’t be removed.
vertical outlook of iphone 6


Three Kinds of Internal Storage

iPhone 6 have three kinds of internal storage - 16GB, 64GB, 128GB. The 128GB storage is different from the previous iPhone, and that really affects the operation of the device, for example, the speed become faster. If you are using iPhone without enough storage, to transfer photos from iPhone to computer can help you solve it.



Apple iPhone 6 uses A8 CPU, which has superior performance with 20 nm technology process.
The A8 CPU is a kind of quad-core processor which has a remarkable performance, enabling the users to enjoy iPhone 6.


iOS 8 System

There is no doubt that Apple will iPhone 6 will accompany the brand-new iOS 8 system. But in general, the interface of the new system changes little. The icon is still designed with a flat profile, but new applications will be added, such as TextEdit, Preview, Tips, Healthbook, iTunes Radio, Watch the Utility and so on.


NFC mobile Payment Capability

Rumors about Apple building a mobile payment platform which called NFC have been confirmed. The system uses a near field communication (NFC) chip and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and you’ll be able to charge things in real-world shops to your iTunes account with a flick of your finger. Besides, NFC can connect two devices easily to deliver files. You can use your iPhone to pay for anything you buy without holding a credit card.
nfc mobile payment capability


Different Kinds of Functions

iPhone 6 have standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, its daily functions are complete: e-books, phone records, the phone book, email, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, hands-free calls, memos, stopwatch, world clock, flashlight and so on. iPhone 6 uses multi-touch input mode, it contains Chinese and English input method.

All in all, iPhone 6 have improved considerably, it can provide a good responsive user experience.

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