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iPhone File Browser: View iPhone Files on Win/Mac

“I want to look for an iPhone file browser to check files on my iPhone, but there are a great number of choices on the Internet and I don’t know which one can offer me the best service to view my iPhone files. Who can recommend me one?”

As an Apple fan, you must care about how your iPhone devices work. Sometimes you may find the files on your iPhone becoming chaotic, because you download too much software. And once you want to find a file you want, you can’t find it out. That’s really annoyed, then you must eager to find a way to solve this issue.

I’d like to introduce you to try iPhone Transfer. Undoubtedly, it’s the best iPhone file browser. With the help of iPhone File Browser, you can quickly glance over your music, playlist, videos, and photos, find any file you want to see.

View iPhone Files with iPhone File Browser

iPhone File Browser can view iPhone files both on Windows and Mac. With iPhone File Browser, you can browse and manage your iPhone songs, playlist, videos, photos, contacts, SMS. In the following, take Windows version as an example, let me tell you what iPhone File Browser can do for you.
iphone file browser
Here are what iPhone File Browser can do:
1. It can back up music, playlist, videos, SMS, and contacts from iPhone to the computer;
2. It can back up iPhone contacts to vCard file, Outlook, Windows Liver Address Book, and Windows Live Mail to iPhone;
3. It can copy music, playlist, videos, photos, and contacts from computer to iPhone without erasing original files on iPhone;
copy music, playlists, videos
4. It can transfer music, playlists, and videos from iPhone to iTunes Library on computer;
iphone file browser

5. It can transfer contacts from vCard file, Outlook, Windows Liver Address Book, and Windows Live Mail to iPhone;
transfer contacts
6. It can add new contacts information to iPhone on computer;
7. It can browser music, videos, playlist, photos, SMS, and contacts on iPhone.
All in all, iPhone File Browser is a comprehensive iPhone file browser for you to manage your iPhone files. Not only can it transfers files from computer to iPhone, but also it can transfers file from iPhone to computer and iTunes Library, nothing can be better than it. Besides, it supports all iPhone, iPad, iPod models.
Download the free trial versions without hesitate!

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