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iPhone File Manager: Manage iPhone Files Easily

Up to now, more and more phone users use Apple products, they obsessive with iOS devices, especially iPhone. The lastest iPhone 6s/6s Plus have launched, people have good user experience by using iPhone to listen to music, watch the videos and take photos etc.

Therefore, to find a comprehensive tool to manage iPhone files is what they most concern about, as we know, iTunes provides a professional help on your management. However, it can’t offer everything you need, it can't help users manage iPhone files visually. In the following, I will introduce you the best iPhone file manager - iPhone Transfer, this is a useful tool for you to manage iPhone files.
Download iPhone Transfer to manage iPhone files!

iPhone File Manager has several features, take a look at the features below.

iPhone File Manager can copy music, videos and photos to iPhone

This tool can help you copy music, videos, and photos to your iPhone. If the files are not compatible with your iPhone, iPhone File Manager will turn them into compatible formats, it’s convenient, right?
copy music, videos and photos


iPhone File Manager export music, videos and photos to computer

Not only it can copy files to iPhone, iPhone File Manager also have the function to export music, videos, and photos to computer. Only a few steps to achieve this function.
export music, videos and photos

iPhone File Manager can copy music from iPhone to iTunes Library/PC

As we know, you can easily rebuild your iTunes library by transferring music from iPhone to iTunes after you get a new computers. And if you have some songs from other sources rather than purchased from iTunes Store, iPhone File Manager can help you to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, then next time when syncing with iTunes, these songs are still there.

iPhone File Manager can delete media, playlists, and photos, contacts on computer

If you want to delete some useless files, such as some music you bored with, you can just connect your iPhone to the computer, and then launch iPhone File Manager, choose whatever you want to delete and delete them.

iPhone File Manager can manage contacts and text message

iPhone File Manager can help you to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, export contacts to iPhone and vCard files, export contacts to Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc. Besides, you can also export text messages, iMessages and MMS to the computer, and then you can backup and print them.
manage contacts and text messages

With the help of iPhone File Manager, how to manage iPhone file become easier. You will have a better experience by using iPhone File Manager to manage your iPhone Files.


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