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How to Transfer Purchases from iPhone to Computer

If you are an iPhone user, you must have go through such a situation that you can’t find the applications you want because there are two much applications icons on your iPhone desktop.
But those applications are so important that you can’t delete them. Therefore, we should manage the applications in a good way. One of the most effective ways to manage them is to transfer them to computer.
But how to transfer purchases from iPhone to Computer is still an annoying problem. Many iPhone users don’t know what to do. Here I will list two ways to tell you how to transfer purchases from iPhone to Computer.

Tutorials 1: Transfer Purchases from iPhone to iTunes

Step 1.

Launching iTunes

First of all, launch your iTunes, input your Apple ID to sign in iTunes, and then you can connect your iPhone with computer via suitable cable. After your iPhone is displayed on the interface, choose it.
launch itunes 

Step 2.

Authorize Your Computer

Make sure your computer is authorized. If it’s not, authorize it first by clicking the “Store” button to choose “Authorized This Computer”.
authorize computer

Step 3.

Transfer Purchases from your iPhone to Computer

After authorizing your computer, click “File”. On the drop-down list, choose “Devices”, then on the pop-up right sidebar, choose “Transfer Purchases from one’s iPhone”.
transfer iphone purchases to computer

Then you can see the progress bar below, that means it is transferring purchases. And it just takes a few minutes.
transferring purchases

When the transferring finish, you can click any bookmark, such as Apps, Podcasts etc. And now you can manage all your purchases easily!
transfer iphone purchases to computer

Tutorials 2: Use iPhone Transfer to Transfer iPhone Purchases to Computer

If you think using iTunes to transfer purchases to computer is a little complicated, here I will introduce an iPhone manager tool which can easily help you to transfer iPhone purchases to computer, you can just follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Download iPhone Transfer and Launch It

Click the icon below to download iPhone Transfer and install it, create an icon on the desktop and click it to launch iPhone Transfer. Make sure you download the right version. (Windows version and Mac version)

Step 2.

Connect Your iPhone with Computer

After launching iPhone Transfer, connect your iPhone with computer via a suitable USB cable. The tool will detect your iPhone automatically. You can see all your files include “Media”, “Playlist”, “Photos”, etc. on the left sidebar.
connect iphone with computer

Step 3.

Transfer iPhone Purchases to Computer

Make the songs you purchase an example. If you to transfer purchased songs, click “Media” on the left sidebar, and then you can see some choices on the top of the interface, click “Music”, then choose what you want to transfer, click the triangle under "Export to". Then on the drop-down list, you can choose "Export to Computer". And then this program will begin to transfer the purchased songs to your computer, and it just cost you a few seconds.
transfer iphone purchases to computer

Note: You can create a folder on your computer to save what you want to transfer to, and you can easily find it whenever you want to get it back.
iPhone Transfer is such a convenient tool who can help you transfer purchases from iPhone to computer. Not only the songs, but videos, contacts and photos can be transferred. Besides, this tool is available to iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/4s, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPad Air.


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