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[Solved] iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes

I want to add new photos and songs in my iPhone, but when I plug my iPhone to the computer, it doesn't sync anymore, it has no reaction as if my iPhone isn't being recognized by iTunes. I have tried many times, but it still won't sync!

Some users have problems with getting their iPhone synchronized with iTunes properly, and most of them don’t know how to sync iPhone with iTunes. Don't worry, this is no longer a thorny problem. Here are some guides to help you troubleshoot this thorny problem and get your iPhone to sync to iTunes quickly.

Method 1: Reboot iPhone or Restart Computer

Reboot the iPhone
Sometimes, that iPhone won’t sync with iTunes may be caused just by the iPhone itself. When the iPhone is not functioning well, try to turn it off and reboot it. Once the iPhone is turned on, you can try to sync iPhone with iTunes.

Restart the computer
If it doesn’t work after you reboot your iPhone, maybe you should try to restart the computer. Sometimes, restarting the computer will solve this frustrating problem.

Method 2: Try a Different USB Port & USB Cable

Sometimes USB ports caused this issue, though it looks good, in fact it may be damaged in it. So, try to switch the USB cable from one port to another and see if it works.

Besides, try to use a different USB cable, whether it’s another Lightning cable or the old-fashioned 30-pin adapters. Some cheaper cables are useless for not working properly and leading to syncing problems, and sometimes the cable may damage after a long time of use. Just change the USB cable and try it again to see if the iPhone sync with iTunes.

Method 3: Sync iPhone with iTunes via iPhone Transfer

If you still have sync problems after trying 2 methods above or you want to have an easier way to sync iPhone, you can also use iPhone Transfer, which can easily sync iPhone to iTunes in a short time.


Run iPhone Transfer and Connect Your iPhone

Install and launch this software on the computer. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. iPhone Transfer will scan your iPhone soon and show it in the primary window.
iphone transfer


Sync iPhone Files to iTunes

The easiest way to sync music and more audio and video to iTunes/computer is to use the shortcut key – Copy iDevice to iTunes and Export Music to Folder.
Sync audio & video to iTunes:
Tick your wanted files > Export to iTunes Library.
Sync music to computer:
Click "Export to" to transfer songs.
sync iphone to itunes

You can choose one of the three methods to sync iPhone with iTunes. If you choose to sync iPhone to iTunes with iPhone Transfer, you can use it to transfer music form iPhone to computer and backup iPhone with a click of a button.

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