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How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Duplicate contacts are not common if you just use your iPhone for the first time. But as time goes by, you enter your contacts one by one and even sync with Gmail and Outlook contacts.

Things have become worse when iOS 7 with Facebook integration was released, because your iPhone contact list is littered with the Facebook friends. Under such circumstances, you really should get rid of duplicate contacts on your iPhone. What you need is iPhone Transfer, a powerful iPhone assistant, which can merge duplicate contacts on almost all kinds of iPhone including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S,iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

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Tutorial: How to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone

Step 1.

Connect iPhone to computer

The first thing after you download iPhone Transfer is to install and launch it on your PC. It's fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Connect your iPhone with PC via the USB cable that iPhone comes with. This program will detect your iPhone automatically and display your iPhone information in the primary window.

Note: Before you try this program, please confirm that you're installed iTunes on your computer.
connect iphone to computer

Step 2.

Start to merge duplicate contacts

To delete the copies of contacts, click "Contacts" in the left pane. Then in the contacts window, right click the button "De-duplicate". Then, iPhone Transfer will detect the contacts have copies after you select the accounts and phone memory. Any duplicate contacts with the same name, phone number or email will appear in the Merge Duplicate Contacts window. Select a match type. You can either choose to match contacts exactly or match contacts by group, say phone number, email or name. And then, click "Merge Selected" to merge all duplicate contacts or selected copies of contacts.
merge duplicate contacts

During the process, this program will also back up the contacts automatically in case you need them in the future. Remember not to disconnect your iPhone during the process.
merge duplicate contacts 2

A few minutes later, you will have the neat contacts on your iPhone. Do you know iPhone Transfer can not only enables you to merge contacts saved on iPhone memory, but also allows you to merge contacts from iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo, Gmail and other accounts. Do not hesitate to make use of it!


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