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How to Recover Data from Macbook Air

Some common scenarios of Macbook Air data loss include accidental deletion of files after emptying Trash, accidental deletion of volumes on MacBook Air or accidental formatting of the volumes on Mac OS X. Data can also be lost from MacBook Air due to reasons similar to any hard drive or flash memory storage device. Whenever the data was lost from your Macbook Air, it will be marked as inaccessible file before new data overwrites it. So we suggest you not to use your Macbook Air after data loss, till you get back your lost data.
Data Recovery for Mac is one of the most efficient Macbook Air recovery programs for you to recover a variety files from it, including photos, videos, document files, emails, etc. By installing it on your Macbook Air, you’ll be able to recover lost data from storage device like external hard drive, digital camera, flash drive, memory card, etc. This utility is 100% safe and it is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8(Mountain Lion) now.

Tutorials: How to Recover Data from Macbook Air

Step 1.

Select Recovery Mode

Run Data Recovery for Mac on your Macbook Air, then the program will be showed as the image below. You can read instructions and decide the recovery mode that suits you most.
Here, to recover deleted files from Macbook Air, let’s select “Recover Data”.
Note: Please do not install the program on partition where your files were lost from.
mac data recovery

Step 2.

Choose Pattern

There are 4 patterns to recover data. Choose the pattern you want in the main window to recover data from Macbook Air.

Step 3.

Select Volume

Under volumes, choose “Macintosh HD”, and then you can view the drive information in the right side. Next, click “Scan” at the bottom-right corner to start scanning.
select drive

Step 4.

Recover Data from Macbook Air

When the scan is over, all found data will be displayed in the left of the window. You can view file names to check how many files you will be able to retrieve. And you will even be able to preview image files.
Then in the end, you just need to select files and click “Recover” button to save them. Please select a new partition to keep the recovered files so as to avoid them from being overwritten.
Note: We highly recommend you to make backup for important files on your Macbook Air.
recover lost files

Symptoms of Macbook Air data loss:
1) In order to avoid future data loss, take a backup of essential files.
2) Do not try to format or reformat the drive to restore data. Instead of helping you to recover data, it may lead to permanent data loss.
3) Use effective antivirus program and update it regularly to avoid data loss due to viruses.
4) Do not delete or format the drive until you make sure that the files stored on that drive are no longer needed.

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