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How to Recover Deleted Email Files

Sending e-mail is one of the main ways for people to exchange information now. Have you ever accidentally deleted a very important mail when you are cleaning your mailbox? And the information in the mails is so valuable that you just can’t ignore it. But you don’t know how to get your mails back?
Actually the email program doesn't delete the email or emails to the Recycle Bin, but rather empties its own internal trash or Recycle Bin. Please make sure that you have opened and read it on your computer, the reason is that the message is cached to your computer and can be recovered as a HTML page. Otherwise, you may need the data recovery software.
If you have this painful experience, let the Data Recovery software help you. This software supports the recovery of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. You can easily retrieve your mails with this software even the mails have been deleted for 6 months or a much longer time. If your friends are in the same situation too, please share with them.
Let’s run the program step by step and retrieve your precious e-mails.

Note: Make sure you download the correct version. There are two versions for choices, the Windows Version and the Mac Version.

Tutorial: How to Retrieve Deleted Emails

Step 1.

Select the file type for recovery

Click "Email Recovery". You will find the Deleted Email Recovery section.
email recovery

Step 2.

Scan and Retrieve Deleted Emails

Select the mail client. (Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) and select the file connected to the email client to recover deleted mails.

For MS Outlook
1) Click “Select PST” to select the PST file from which you need to recover emails. And then click “Find PST” to search PST files in your system. As soon as you select the desired PST, you can click 'Start Recovery'.
2) The software will scan the selected PST and displays a tree-structured list. You will see all the recoverable mail items in the left pane. And you can see the preview of all the recoverable items in the main interface.
3) Select the items you want to recover and click “Save” at the bottom. A dialog box will open up as shown:
save as pst

4) You can save the mail items into “PST”, “MSG”, or “EML” format. Select one of the options and choose a destination path. Click “OK”.

For Outlook Express
1) Click “Select DBX” to select a DBX file. If you do not remember the exact path of the required DBX, you can click “Find DBX” to find DBX files in your system. After that, click “Start Recovery” to start scanning the selected file.
2) When the scan is completed, all recoverable data will be displayed in the left pane. If you select an item from the bottom-right pane, you can preview it in your DBX.
3) Select your DBX file and click 'Save' at the bottom. “Save File Option” dialog opens up as the following
save as eml
4) Select the option you prefer, i.e. “Save as EML” or “Save as DBX'. Provide the desired destination path and click “OK”.
If you follow the steps above, you can find the recovered mails in the file you just select. What’s more, this software also includes the recovery of Drive, CD/DVD and phone. It is really a good choice for the internet users, even for the whole computer users.


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