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How to Recover Deleted Voicemail on iPhone

With the iPhone's visual voicemail feature, setting up voicemail has become much simpler. Go to the voicemail tab in the Phone app. It will prompt you to create a password and record a greeting. Follow the prompts and record your greeting. You are able to listen to your recording before choosing to continue, and you can rerecord it if you wish. You can change your greeting at any time by simply returning to the voicemail tab and selecting Greeting. If you want, you can also opt to play an alert sound for voicemail. This can be adjusted in the Sounds section of iPhone Settings. Be forewarned, iphone is too easy to press something accidentally, which means voicemail could be deleted easily. It doesn’t matter if the deleted voicemail is not so important and memorable. But what if it is? Is there anyway to get back all the deleted voicemails?
The answer is positive. Yes, iPhone Data Recovery can recover deleted voicemails, as well as contacts, messages, notes, photos, videos, etc on iPhone.

Here is a trial version for you to download. Have a try!

Note:  After you lost the Voicemail message,, you'd better not use your iPhone for anything because the deleted Voicemail message can be overwritten by new data. Once it's overwritten, you can never retrieve it.

Tutorials 1: How to Scan and Retrieve Deleted Voicemail from iPhone Directly

Step 1.

Connect your iPhone and scan directly

First, Connect iPhone to the computer and launch the program. It will detect your device automatically. It will show you the window below. Then click “Start Scan” to scan your device. If your iPhone model is iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4 or iPad 1, please choose “Advanced Mode” at the corner of the window.
connect iphone to computer
scan voicemail on iphone
Note: You can recover deleted voicemail, photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc. from iPhone 4/3GS directly. If your iPhone is iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s, switch to Tutorial 2 & Tutorial 3.

Step 2.

Preview and recover deleted viocemail from iPhone

When finishing Scanning, it will show you all found data and files in categories as below. Just choose "Voicemail" you want to recover, and preview one by one. After that, you can restore them to computer by clicking “Recover” Button.
recover deleted voicemail from iphone

Tutorials 2: How to Recover iPhone Voicemail from iTunes Backup

Step 1.

Choose iTunes backup and scan it

Run iPhone Data Recovery program. Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode. You can recover existing data in iTunes backup. And choose the backup file you want to recover. Then click “Start Scan”.
choose itunes backup files

Step 2.

Recover deleted voicemail from iTunes

It will take a few minutes to scan your iOS device. After that, you can preview the contents of your iTunes backup. Choose the deleted iPhone voicemail and click “Recover” button to get them back to your computer.
recover iphone voicemail from itunes

Tutorials 3: How to Recover iPhone Voicemail from iCunes Backup Files

Step 1.

Choose Recovery mode and Sign in your account

Run iPhone Data Recovery, choose ”Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode. Then sign in your iCloud with your account and password as below.
sign in icloud
Note: All personal information will be seriously protected. It won’t be recorded at any time during this session.
Step 2.

Choose your iCloud backup and scan

All your iCloud backup files will be found in your account after you sign in successfully. Before scanning iCloud backup files, download it. Then click “Scan”.
scan icloud backup files

Step 3.

Preview, Recover deleted iPhone vociemail

After the scanning, you can preview the data displayed in well-organized categories. Check "Voicemail" that you want to get back and click “Recover” to recover them. In addition, you can delete the iCloud Back files downloaded after recovery.
recover iphone voicemail from icloud
Hope you recover your voicemails on iPhone successfully!


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