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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung

The super-slim and fashionable design of Samsung Galaxy has attracted many people’s attention since it released. People know that it gives them a better experience for both work and play so that it plays a crucial role in their daily life. However quite a lot people complain about the contacts lost in Samsung Galaxy because they've mistakenly deleted them and have no idea how to retrieve them. Is it true that their contacts cannot be recovered? Certainly not! They are very likely to get their contacts back. Those contacts are still in the memory of the phone but they are just invisible, and contacts data are to be written over by new data.
The first thing people need to do is stop or add new data to Galaxy in order to avoid the overwriting. Then, with the assistant of Samsung Data Recovery, they can perform contacts recovery from Samsung Galaxy. Incidentally, this contacts recovery tool can enable you to directly scan your Samsung device and recover deleted contacts from it, as well as messages, photos and video.
This program applies to all currently popular Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
Do you want to have a try? Now download the free trial version of this Samsung Contacts Recovery software below and follow the tutorial.

Tutorial: How to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy

Step 1.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer

Before doing anything else, install and launch it on the computer. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer with a USB cable. After running the program, you'll get the main interface below. Your device will be detected immediately.
connect samsung phone to pc
Step 2.

Enable USB debugging

Then you need to enable USB debugging before scanning your Galaxy if you didn’t enable your phone before. There are three options for you to follow. Choose the right version for your phone, and follow to set it.
No.1: For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" > Click "Applications" > Click "Development" > Check "USB debugging"
No.2: For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" > Click "Developer options" > Check "USB debugging"
No.3: For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" > Click "About Phone" > Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" > Back to "Settings" > Click "Developer options" > Check "USB debugging"
debug usb on samsung

Step 3.

Analyze and scan your Samsung Galaxy

When you see the below picture on your computer, your Galaxy has been connected to the program successfully. Go next step to analyze your phone data by clicking "Start" button.
analyze samsung phone

Your device will be detected immediately. After the analyzing, you need to turn to your device's home screen to click "Allow", so that the scan can be started. Then click "Start" to scan your device now.
scan samsung phone

Step 4.

Preview and recover contacts from Samsung Galaxy

It will take you a while to scan. After it, you can preview all contacts found on your Samsung Galaxy. Choose "Contacts" on the left of the window. You can check all details of your contacts. Mark those you want and save them on your computer by clicking "Recover" at the lower right corner.
recovey contacts on samsung

Note: Contacts scanned out here contain those deleted recently (black font) and those currently existing on your device (orange font). If you only want to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy, you can slide the tab on the top to separate them: Only display deleted items.
Mission accomplished by Samsung Data Recovery. Please don't save the recovered data on your Samsung Galaxy again. Find another place for it like on your computer or other external disk. What’s more, remember to make routine backup of important photos and documents on your computer.


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