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Official Release Finally: Apple Watch

According to the TechWeb’s report, Apple press conference 2014 will be different form before. Besides iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which were exposure to the public for a long time, the smart watch — Apple Watch finally released at September 9th 2014. And that is the first time that Apple contacts the intelligent wearing domain.

As for Apple Watch, What Apple wants to deliver are more than what you can imagine.
apple watch
Apple Watch provides customizable watch strap, and many colorful plastic materials are also provide for choice. Apple Watch has a square surface with a LCD screen, and it has a magnet to obtain attach function. The metal watch strap has two versions, one is 18K gold watch and another is rose gold version. Besides, Apple Watch supports Siri voice aids, you can use it to measure your heart rate, track your exercise condition and see the interface of the weather,it can also be used to scale the map by the border crown. Noticeable, it use sapphire glass screen which was exposure by the social media all the time.
sapphire glass screen
Apple Watch has a supersensitive screen, it can feel the press power accurately, when you lift up your wrist, the screen launch automatically. As for the watch strap, there are two kinds of materials include the cortical one and the metal one. Apple Watch is design with touch + knob。You can magnify the map by rotating the knob,and you can read or listen to your messages directly. If you have two Apple Watch, you can make them to transfer files, the only thing you need to do is make them close.
From the functions above, we can clearly see that Apple Watch will combine the bran-new “Health” function of iOS 8, and it can also connect with iPhone in a perfect way. The little screen of Apple Watch can display the time, stocks, and exercise etc. Such as the “Sky Live” on iPhone, can also be used in the Apple Watch, and the astrophile can use it to see the stars.
healthy managementcontact with friends
Furthermore, Apple Watch will play an important role in our life. Once you go out for a trip, you can use Apple Watch to check the flight or hotel information,and you can open the hotel door even just tab the screen. Beside, Apple Watch can help you to remember the position where you stop your car, that’s really convenient when you go to the supermarket.
Only those Apple devices which release after iPhone 5 can coordinate with Apple Watch. Apple Watch is Tim Cook’s first time to release Apple products,and according to the presentation. Apple Watch is an new important product.
Apple Watch cost 349 dollars,and it will come to the market early next year.

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