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How to Switch from iPhone to Android

Today, the most popular type of phones are iPhone and Android, and more and more people trend to own the two phones at the same time. That change phones is ever completely painless, but switching files from iPhone to Android is fairly troublesome As we all know, iOS is really different from Android operation system, so it is hard to switch from iPhone to Android. So what would you do with the problem? if you rely on the third party tool, the problem can be solved easily. Fortunately, you can trust an app named Phone Transfer, which is designed as a professional tool to finish the switch from iPhone to Android.

Just as its name implies, Phone Transfer is aimed to swith files between two phones at a time. We know that it is simple to swith between iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android, but how to swith from iPhone to Android, which crosses operation system, is really difficult. Now, do not worry about it, Phone Transfer can help you swith files from iPhone to Android, such as SMS, contacts, music, videos and photos, just in one click, conveniently and easily. Follow the steps below and learn how to use the app.

Tutorial: How to Switch from iPhone to Android

Step 1.

Download and run Phone Transfer

Firstly, after downloading, installing and launching the software, then you can see a primary window like this. Then click the “Phone to Phone Transfer”.
mobile transfer home

Step 2.

Connect your phones to PC

Secondly, connect your iPhone and Android to PC. Here are “Source” place and “Destination” place, and put the iPhone in Source place and Android in Destination place. you can click “Flip” to change the phones’ place at will.
connect phones to pc
Step 3.

Transfer files from iPhone to Android

Choose the files that you want from the “Select content to copy”, then, click “Start Copy”. When the copy is done, click “OK”, and you finish this switch.
switch from iPhone to Android
Is it a user-friendly app to switch from iPhone to Android? Is it easy to handle? If you interested in it, please download and try it .


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