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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad

Does anyone know of a way to export all my contacts from my iPhone straight into my iPad 2 without having to re-type all of them in?

It is of an increasingly common that people gather iPhone and iPad in hand. As age advances, people long for easier mobile life just like the problem listed above of how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad directly. Re-type all iPhone contacts to iPad? That is a matter of wasting valuable time and effort. What is more, you may make mistakes during typing them, such as type mistaken number, the name and number are misplaced, leading to a complete mess. In the circumstances, I recommend frankly an all-powerful program named iOS Transfer and I believe the problem will be vanished under the help of iOS Transfer.

iOS Transfer is expected to not only transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad in the shortest possible time, but also transfer other files, including videos, SMS, photos, music, which comprehensively satisfies all iPhone data transfer needs. Meanwhile, no matter you are a green hand to iDevices or you are expert, the program is ridiculously easy-to-use for every one. Now, are you ready well to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad directly via iOS Transfer?

Tutorials: How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad Easily?

Step 1.

Connect iPhone and iPad to Computer

In the first place, the program is requested to installed and moved on computer. Then you need to connect both iPhone and iPad to computer via USB cables which will be recognized by the program.
connect iPhone and iPad to pc

Step 2.

Transfer iPhone Contacts to iPad

In the second place, click your iPhone in the left column and then click “Contacts”. There are all your contacts from iPhone, iCloud, Yahoo!, Exchange and so on. Click one of them and the contacts will be displaced in the right. Tick wanted contacts and click “Import/Export”, and choose export contacts to your iPad from the pull-down menu. Wait several minutes to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad.
transfer iPhone contact to iPad
Note: The conatcts from iPhone will be saved on the iPad's memory.

With the help of iOS Transfer, you are able to transfer contacts from iPhone to Pad just in two steps. And you are not afraid of mistaken numbers and misplacing. The program will grasp all contacts and transfer iPhone contacts to iPad at ease.


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