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How to Transfer Data between iPhone and Android

Recently, one of my friends has brought a brand new iPhone 5, but she seemed to be a little bit upset. I asked her why, and she said that she was quite puzzled about how to transfer the data in her previous Android phone to iPhone 5. Of course she has tried some ways found in some forums but they were either complex or bewildering. Knowing all this, I told her how to tackle the problem. Within minutes, she fulfilled the task. Then I guess maybe many people have the same problem like my friend, so I decide to write this article to share the best way to transfer files between Android and iPhone.
What you need is the powerful tool - MobileTransfer. It is simple yet effective solution to switch data between Symbian, Android, and iPhone.
Now free download this program and follow the step-by-step guide below.

Part I: Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

Step 1.

Install and run Mobile Transfer

Before doing anything else, you need to install and launch Mobile Transfer. Then, you should enter Mobile Transfer home window.
launch mobile transfer

Step 2.

Connect your iPhone and Android phone to computer

Connect both your iPhone and Android phone to computer at the same time. Once your phones are connected, Mobile Transfer will automatically detect them.
connect iphone and android to computer

Then please check whether you have installed iTunes on your computer or not. If not, the program will remind you of installing it.
Note: You can tick off the bar Clear data before copy, if you plan to empty your Android phone before transfer.

Step 3.

Transfer iPhone to Android

As you can see from the figure shown below, the data you can transfer are contacts, text messages call logs and so on. Now, click “Start Copy” to do the task of moving from iPhone to Android.

Don’t disconnect your phones in the whole process.

Part II: Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Step 1.

Install Mobile Transfer and launch it

After installing this program, you should launch it to enter the primary window.
run mobile transfer

Step 2.

Connect your Android phone and iPhone to the computer

Connect your Android phone and iPhone to PC with UBS cable. MobileTrans will detect the two devices the moment they are connected. You are also allowed to empty the destination phone, Android phone by clicking off Clear data before copy.
connect android and iphone

Note: The rectangle button Flip allows you to change the place of phones.

Step 3.

Begin to transfer data

As you see, this tool enables you to transfer contacts, photos and music. Click “Start Copy” to make the switch from Android to iPhone. Be sure both of your phones are connected all the time.
transfer android to iphone

Nothing more! With only a few clicks of Mobile Transfer, your data have been switched from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android. Then you can enjoy the new phone with ease since there is no need to input the contacts, call logs, etc. one by one. By the way, if your friends also have the same problem, don’t forget to share your enjoyable experience. Have fun.


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