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How to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Computer

Of course, we can use USB Flash Drives to transfer files from iPhone to Computer. But sometimes we don't know where the little USB drive is. So you maybe late for work in times of emergency. Here are some tips for you to transfer iPhone files like movies, music, photos and more from your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus to Computer or from Computer to iPhone with iPhone Transfer.

With following guide, you’ll learn to tranfer files between iPhone and your Computer without USB drive. And iPhone Transfer software is free download and have a try on PC. Althougt when there’s no internet, you’ll have your files available.

Tutorials 1: How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer?

First, connect your device(s) via a USB cable(s) and open the program window.
Step 1.

How to Export Media to Computer

To export any media, simply click files you want to export, then click the "Export" button on the menu bar. You can even directly export media files to your iTunes library, your computer and even your other iDevices.
export iphone media

Step 2.

How to Export Photos to Computer

With iPhone Transfer, you can export photos to your computer or your devices. Click "Photos" in the left column of the home page, and then open a album. In this album, select the photos you want to export and then click the button "Export" to transfer photos to your computer or your other Apple devices.
export iphone photos

Tutorials 2: How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone?

Step 1.

How to Import Media Files to iPhone

To import music, videos, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, iTunes U, and Audiobooks, simply click on "Media" in the left column, then either click music, video, etc. Then click the "Add" button (Add File or Add Folder). This will bring up your Windows file browser, from which you can select files to import from your PC.
import media to iphone

Step 2.

How to Create Albums and Add Photos from Computer

Apart from exporting photos, you can still create albums and add your favorite photos in it. Simply right click "Photos" in the left column to create a new album, then click "Add" to import photos from your computer.
import photos to iphone

What's more about iPhone Transfer

iPhone Transfer allows you to transfer iPhone music to computer, as well as videos, photos, podcast, etc. What you need do is to free download the iPhone to computer transfer software, then choose music, and click "Export" to backup iPhone music to Computer.


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