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How to Transfer iTunes Music to Another Computer

Got a brand new computer, excited? Just a few moments, you might notice something unpleasant occurred on you, something about iTunes. Though you installed iTunes in the new computer, a large number of iTunes music are still in the old computer. Transferring the music to another computer is definitely a daunting task. Are there any other quick and easy ways to do it?
Of course YES! There is a professional and comprehensive iTunes music to computer transfer - iPhone Transfer. It is adept at moving music, playlist, movies between two computers. What’s more, it can restore iTunes library in a few clicks.

Free download this program to your computer to give it a shot!

Tutorial: How to Ttransfer Music from iTunes to Another Computer

Step 1.

Install and Run the Program

Install and launch this iTunes transfer tool on your old computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the old computer via a USB cable. This program will detect your iPhone as soon as it's connected. Then, your iPhone will be shown in the primary window.
iphone transfer home screenshot

Step 2.

Move iTunes Music from the Old Computer to iPhone

Go to "Playlist" in the left column. Then, the playlist window shows up on the right. Click the triangle under "Add" to bring up a drop-down list. Choose "Add iTunes Playlists".
By default, all playlists are checked. If you want some of them, uncheck your unwanted playlists. Then, click "OK". This program begins to copy iTunes playlists with ratings, play counts and skips, etc. to your iPhone.
add itunes playlist to iphone

Step 3.

Transfer iTunes Music to Another Computer

Then, plug out the USB cable coming with your iPhone and plug it into another computer to make a connection between the computer and your iPhone. Install and run this program on this new computer.
Click "Playlist" to reveal the playlist window. Select your wanted playlists imported just now and then click "Export to". When the file browser window pops up, you should choose a safe path to store these playlists. Then, this program begins to transfer iTunes playlists to this computer. Don't forget to keep your iPhone connected during the transfer.
export playlist to computer

That’s it. iPhone Transfer is the one that can fulfill the task in such an amazing way. And it is compatible with many Apple devices, including iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4S, iPod touch/nano/classic/iPod shuffle and iPad Air/mini/the New iPad Pro.


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