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How to Transfer Music from iPad to iTunes

How can I transfer music from iPad to my iTunes account? I want to update my iPad but I don't want to lose all the songs that aren't in my iTunes account yet.
This is a post from Apple forum and there are many following posts that ask the same question. Yes, that how to transfer music from iPad to iTunes may trouble many people and they want to find a way to solve it. Actually, you can rely on a third party tool which can copy music from iPad to iTunes easily. However, facing so booming software market that we do not know how to choose a suitable software. Now, you never worry about it, here is a functional app named iPad Transfer which can help you at once.
iPad Transfer is professionally designed to transfer files from iPad to iTunes, which not only can transfer music from iPad to iTunes, but also transfer photos, video, playlist and so on. And the software is easy to operate, in which only one click can you transfer songs from iPad to iTunes. What is more, the transferred files is same as the source one totally. If you are interested in the software, please follow the steps to learn how to use it.

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Step 1.

Forbid iTunes Automatic Syncing

Open iTunes on your computer then find and click the Preferences option on iTunes. (the Preferences lies in the Edit menu on Windows PC, while On Mac, it's in iTunes menu which is on the left of the Apple icon on the top ) and then tick Prevent iPod, iPhone, and iPad from syncing automatically.
forbid iTunes automatic syncing

Step 2.

Launch iPad Transfer on your PC

After installing the software on PC, run it right away. Then connect your iPad to PC via a USB cable. And you can see a primary window when your iPad is recognized.
launch iPad on pc

Step 3.

Transfer music from iPad to iTunes

Click “Media” on the left side of the window. And then can see a window like this. You can click Smart Export to iTunes to import music from iPad to your iTunes. Or select wanted songs and click “Export to”. In the drop-down list, choose Export to iTunes Library.
transfer iPad music to iTunes

With the smart software, you can transfer songs from iPad to iTunes in three steps, which is really easy to operate. when facing such powerful software, you need not any hesitation. Free download and try it at once.


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