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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes

I got a new laptop and I still have my music on my iphone but since my itunes library is empty I want to transfer iPhone music to iTunes library. But I can’t figure it out. HELP ME!

Sometimes, you lose your iTunes library with unknown reasons that you cannot grasp. Perhaps the reason is leaded by computer crashed, computer formatted, or some others. No matter what give raise to the empty iTunes library, you cannot redeem these lost songs. Supposing that you are a bit blessed for lost songs are still on your iPhone, you have the power to rebuilt iTunes library by transferring iPhone music to iTunes. Out of safety and time saving, a mighty iPhone Transfer program is demanded urgently.

iPhone Transfer, as its name implies, is designed to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes professionally. Meanwhile, it also supports to transfer photos, videos, playlists, contacts and so on files from iPhone to iTunes. The most twinkling lightspot of iPhone Transfer is that it empowers you to select songs before starting transfer process. Prepare an USB cable and follow the steps below to copy music from iPhone to iTunes.
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Tutorials: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes?

Step 1.

Connect iPhone to Computer

After downloading and moving iPhone Transfer on computer, you should connect iPhone to computer via USB cable directly. After detected iPhone as follow windows, you can follow Step Two.
connect iphone to pc

Step 2.

Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes

Solution1. Copy Music from iPhone to iTunes in One Click
Click “To iTunes” which is red in the bottom of primary window. And you can see a data select box, tick music and click “Start to copy”. Wait seconds and all music in iPod will be transferred to iTunes.

Solution2. Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes Selectively.
Click “Media” on the left column and click “Music” on the top line. And you can see all songs are displayed on the music window. Tick you wanted songs and click "Export to". When a small drop-down list pops up, select "Export to iTunes Library".
transfer music from iphone to itunes

Never be intertwined with such problem of how to import music from iPhone to iTunes once you hand the iPhone Transfer program. When you get this program, you can transfer photos from iPhone to computer as well. It is the software that improves your mobile life and makes the life easier.


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