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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

When you have new iPod or lost music in local iTunes Library, or you just want to back up some nice songs, so how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes? And Apple does not officially offer any tool to do that, but iPod Music to iTunes Transfer services for you.
iPod to iTunes Transfer is an professional iPod Transfer software for transferring music, movies, photos, TV shows from iPod to iTunes. And transferring iPod music to Computer is also availble.
Free download the software below to learn more the detailed info of iPod to iTunes Transfer.

Here we provide you with the solutions on the question How to transfer Music from iPod to iTunes library with iPod Transfer software.

Tips 1: How to transfer music from iPod to iTunes on Windows?

Step 1.

Run Software and Connect iPod to Computer

Free Download the iPod to Computer Transfer, install and run the software. Then plug your iDevice into your computer via USB cable. After done, the iPod icon and its library and playlists will appear in the Device list. If the iPod is enabled, the files (music/movies/photos) will be shown in the list.

Step 2.

Click “Export” button and Start Transfer

The “Export Mode” dialog box will pop up after you click “export”, you may select where you want to store your files whether in iTunes or to your disk. After you have chosen where you want to put your music files, just click “ok” then this will start the transfer of music from iPod to iTunes.
Step 3.

Set the Output folder at Advanced->Options

After you clicking the Export button, the following window will pop up, you can choose transferring to iTunes or computer directly. You can set the output folder at Advanced->Options before transferring.

Step 4.

View the transferred music files on Computer

When the transferring finished, the following window will pop up. It shows that how many files have been done. You can click the "OK" button then the output folder will automatically open and you may now start browsing your music files on your computer.

Tips 2: How to transfer music from iPod to iTunes on Mac?

Step 1.

First, download, install and run the software

Free Download the iPod to Mac Transfer software and run it. Once connect iPod to Mac with Apple USB cable, and all information about your iPod, such as type, capacity, version, serial number, and format, will be shown on the main interface.

Step 2.

Export iPod music to iTunes library

1) Open the library/playlist that you want to export.
2) Check the song(s) you want to export in the file list.
3) Click the "iPod to iTunes" button to start exporting files.

Step 3.

The transferring process is finished

When finished, the following information dialogbox will be poped-up as belows.

What's more about iPod to iTunes Transfer

iPod to Computer Transfer is an easy-to-use software, which is currently assisting of iPod users to import music from their iPods to iTunes, or transfer your songs, videos, photos and playlist ect. from iPod to computer. It support all models of iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
All you need is downloading the Windows of Mac version of iPod to iTunes Transfer, then you can sync your iPod music to iTunes by yourself now.

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