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How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer

Nowadays, more and more people trend to own iPad to take photos and appreciate them, due to iPad has bigger screen and higher resolution. But imagine that your iPad is broken or its system is crashed, what would you do with these photos carrying many wonderful memories. To avoid the terrible thing, you need to copy photos to from iPad to PC ahead of time. Now, here is a functional app which can transfer photos from iPad to computer easily named iPad Transfer.
iPad Transfer is professionally designed as transfer tool which can not only copy photos from iPad to PC, but also can send other files, such as movies, music, playlist, so on. With it, you re able to to export pictures and albums from iPad to PC without losing any photos. The software is aimed at all iOS users, that is to say, iPad Transfer supports all iOS products - iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you take an interest in the powerful software, you can download freely and try it follow the steps.

Attention: Here are two versions of the software, choose a suitable one according to the type of computers.

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Step 1.

Connect your iPad to the computer

After installing iPad Transfer, launch the software on the computer. Then connect your iPad to PC by the USB cable. By doing this, your iPad will be recognized soon.
Note: To make sure that the software works well, please install iTunes on your PC.
connect ipad to pc
Step 2.

Transfer photos from iPad to PC

Click "Photos" tab in the left directory tree. After that, select photos or albums. And click "Export to". Remember to choose a save path to store the exported albums or photos.
transfer ipad photo to pc

Yes, the software is so magical that you transfer photos from iPad to PC just in two steps, simply and easily to operate. iPad Transfer can do what iTunes can not. As we all know, iTunes is a one-way tool which only can transfer files from PC to iPad. However, iPad Transfer solve the problem, with it, you can transfer files between iPad and PC at will. What is more, it promises that the transferred files is 100% same as the original one with no loss. If you are still troubled by how to backup files to PC, you can not miss the user-friendly software, which can fully solve your worries.


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