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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

I have taken many photos with my iPhone. One day, I wanted to transfer my iPhone photos to iPad so that I can see my photos in both devices. Although I have used iTunes for a long time, I have to admit sometimes it really drives me mad. One of my best friends recommended me to apply this iPhone Transfer application, which is very helpful.

iPhone Transfer is such an easy-to-use application that everyone can learn how to use it as quickly as me. We just need to take several steps and then we can transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. We can also use it transfer music, viodes, contacts between iPhone and iPad. There are two versions of iPhone Transfer that are compatible with Mac and Windows including the latest Windows 10.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Step 1.

Download iPhone Transfer and Install It

After downloading and installing iPhone Transfer, click the program to run it. A window will pop up, which will tell you connect your iDevice via USB cable to start.
ipad transfer 
Note: Ensure that iTunes has been installed on the computer so that iPhone Transfer can run smoothly.

Step 2.

Connect Your iPhone and iPad to PC

Connect both your two apple devices to PC via Apple USB cables. You can see them show up in the window after being detected. And then you will see the detailed data category like "Media", "Playlist", "Photos", "Contacts", etc. on the left column of the window.
connect iphone and ipad to pc
Note: Don’t pull up the cables during copying in case of disordered data.

Step 3.

Start to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to iPad

Click “Photos” under iPhone's data category in left panel. You will see Camera Roll, Photo Library and other photo albums you have created before on iPhone. And you can also create new photo alblums on the software. Choose any of the photo album you like to move on and the preview the photos one by one or choose all of them in one click. After that, right-click photos and tick "Export to" and choose your iPad device name.
transfer photos from iphone to ipad 

As we can see, it’s really a professional and helpful program. I think you are able to copy your photos easily from your iPhone to iPad as quickly as me. You can share beautiful photos in different devices with this handy tool now.


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