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How to Transfer Photos Between SD Card and iPhone/iPad

"I wonder is there something that can make the photo transfer from SD card to iPhone a bit faster than what it takes to do through iTunes. I also want to know how to transfer them back from iPhone/iPad to SD card. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!"

Unlike some phone models, the iPhone does not directly support an SD card which makes it impossible to transfer photos and music directly from the card to iPhone. May be you need to first move the files off the card and then transfer them from PC to your device via iTunes. But this could be time-consuming and worse, some users might find it too complicated to handle this task. No worries, there’s this iPhone Transfer to make your life easier!

iPhone Transfer allows you to transfer photos from SD card to iPhone directly without using iTunes. With it, you can manage your photos in iPhone/iPad easily including deleting, adding, exporting the pictures. Aside from images, it allows you to sync videos, music and more from iPhone to SD card and vice versa. This program is compatible with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 2/3/4 and other iOS devices.

Free download the trial version of iPad Transfer below and give it a try.

Tutorial: How to Transfer Photos from SD Card to iPhone

Step 1.

Download, Install and Run iPhone Transfer on PC

First of all, insert your SD card into the computer and connect iPhone to PC via the USB cable at the same time. Then your computer will detect both the SD card and your device. Then run the program on PC, and it will automatically recognize and connect to your device. Once done, you will see an interface as below. All files found on your device will display on the left sidebar while the primary information of you device will show on the right panel.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2.

Transfer Photos from SD Card to iPhone

To import photos to iPhone, click on "Photos" on the left sidebar. Then you will see a pull-down list with several albums. Select one of them like "Photo Library" > click on "Add", and then you can select the pictures you want from the SD card on the computer. After that, you can go to "Open" then all selected images will start to sync to iPhone automatically.

transfer photos from sd card to iphone

Note: If you want to add photos to other albums like Camera Roll, all pictures can only be imported into Photo Library. And you can also create a new album by click on "Photos" > "Add" > "New Album".

Step 3.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to SD Card

To transfer picture from iPhone to SD card, you can go to "Photos" and click on each of the album to preview and select the photos you like. For example, go to "Photo Library", then all photos in this album will display on the right panel. You can select the date of the collection like "2014-12" to select all photos that were taken in this period which can save a lot of time. Then click on "Export to" > "Export to PC", then you can select the SD card on your computer and create a new folder to save the photos selected. All images will be exported to the SD cared directly and safely.

transfer photos from iphone to sd card

Sense the ease? With 3 steps, you can easily transfer photos from iPhone to SD card and vice versa. iPhone Transfer is an all-in-one iOS content transfer program that can let you manage and transfer photos between iOS device and PC conveniently. You can get the either Mac or Windows version to have a try!


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