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How to Transfer Video from iPad to Mac

Nowadays, A growing number of young people trend to make their own iMovie, they record some videos using iPad and then edit them. However, how to transfer videos from iPad to Mac for a further edit and share iMovie with friends or family. On the other hand, you will find less memory available, in this case, you have to transfer videos to Mac to make more space for further use, what would you do with that? iTunes can do nothing for you for its functional limitation, that is, it an only sync videos/movies to iPad, but never sync back.

Luckily, you can rely on the software named iPad Transfer for Mac, which can help to transfer videos from iPad to Mac easily. iPad Transfer is a professional tool to transfer files between iPad and Mac. With the software, you can not only transfer video from iPad to Mac, but also other files, including music, photos, etc without any losses. So if you take an interest in it, free download and try it.

Tutorials: How to Transfer Video from iPad to Mac ?

Step 1.

Connect Your iPad to Mac

After download, install and launch the software, what you need do is to connect your iPad to Mac via USB cable. You iPad will be recognized by the software, and then you can see a main window below.
connect iPad to Mac

Step 2.

Transfer Video from iPad to Mac

There are two type videos on iPad- iPad taken videos and videos from other channel.
-Transfer iPad taken video to Mac
The videos recorded by your iPad are installed in Camera Roll. In this case, click Photos on the left tab of the window, then in the right popped-up window , click Camera Roll on the right, then you can see your videos. Select wanted videos to transfer from iPad to Mac computer and click Export. Locate a destination to store the transferred videos.
transfer ipad taken photo to mac

-Transfer videos from other channel
In this case, you should click Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, etc.on the left column. As the same as above step, choose the videos you wish to move to Mac, then click Export. Set a destination to save these transferred videos.
transfer other photo to mac

Is it so simple to make it? iPad Transfer break the functional limitation of iTunes and create a easiest way to help people who desire to transfer videos from iPad to Mac. And it promises that the transferred videos are total same to the source with no losses.


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