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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

Do you feel puzzled when your iPhone’s memory is full because of movie and other videos, but you do not want to delete them for that those videos are collected for a long time, and you are reluctant to delete them. Why not transfer videos from iPhone to computer? Yes, it is easy to copy videos from PC to iPhone with the help of iTunes, however, when you transfer movies from iPhone to computer, iTunes seems not as convenient as before. At this time, you need to rely on a third party tool to achieve the transfer. Facing flourishing software market, you are difficult to choose suitable software. Now, do not worry about it. iPhone Transfer can solve the problem in one click.

As its name implies, iPhone Transfer are designed to transfer files between iPhone and PC mutually. With it, you can not only transfer videos from iPhone to computer, but also can transfer songs, pictures, messages, playlist and so on, easily and simply. If you take an interest in the software, you can follow the steps below to learn how to use the software. What you need are just a computer with iTunes installed, your iPhone and iPhone Transfer.

Tutorials: How to Transfer Video from iPhone to Computer?

Step 1.

Running iPhone Transfer on Your PC

At begins, you need to install the software on computer and launch the software. Then, connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. After your iPhone recognized, you can see a primary window as follow.
connect iphone to pc

Step 2.

Transfer Video from iPhone to Computer

Next, you click "Media" on the left and click "Movie", you can see the movies management window. Choose you wanted videos and click "Export to". In the drop-down list, choose "Export to My Computer". And then, do not forget to select a folder to save these videos. The video transfer will only take you one or two minutes. Then, video will be copied to computer successfully.
transfer iphone video to pc

Only in two steps can you transfer videos from iPhone to PC, that is so cool and convenient. What is more, the user-friendly software promises that the transferred files is 100% same as the source one. You never worry that if you would loss some files during transfer. Facing so smart software, you have no reason to wait. Free download it and try it, you will find more useful functions.


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