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Being Cheated? 8 wrong iPhone Common Senses

iPhone has been released by Apple for 7 years. For most iPhone users, they think they are familiar with iPhone and know iPhone more. But some of the so-called iPhone common senses are wrong! Here I will share 8 wrong iPhone common senses with you.

Mistakes 1:

The speaker under iPhone is broken

This mistake is very common. Since iPhone 4, the speaker and microphone of iPhone are designed as like as two peas. They are designed at the left and right side under the fuselage of iPhone. That gives users a illusion that both of them are speakers. The truth is that one is the speaker and another is the microphone, so it’s normal if it has no sound. (You should be scared if it has sound.)
iphone speakers

Mistakes 2:

iPad charger will be damaged if it is used to charge for iPhone

Nowadays, people’s life have improved, many people have both iPad and iPhone. And because of the larger screen and higher pixel and hardware efficiency, iPad needs larger battery. In order to charge iPad fast, we should increase the electric power. But some users are afraid of the iPhone batteries will be broken when they use iPad charger to charge for iPhone. No need to worry about that. There are chips which can control the input of electricity in iPhone products, that enables that the electricity will not too big to damage the batteries.
iphone charger

Mistakes 3:

The Android headsets can’t be used in iPhone

You may see the “iOS Version” and the “Android Version” when you are buying headsets. That makes an illusion that the headsets of iPhone and Android can’t be used to each other. Half of this saying is right. iPhone headsets can be used on Android although you can use the volume button. As for Android, it’s the same as iPhone, you can hear the sound, but you can’t use the volume button. Now, some manufacturers design the headsets which can meet the demand that use only one headset on iPhone and Android.
iphone headsets

Mistakes 4:

Close all apps manually can make system smoothly

iPhone has a multitasking capability, which enables you to switch among different apps. People have illusion that there will be more power consumption and iPhone will be stuck if you open too much software. This saying is wrong. iOS system knows which software is being used and which one is open but not being used when it works. Then it will distribute sources to the most suitable software. You may find that some software will restart if they are not launched for a long time.
iphone apps

Mistakes 5:

Charge the battery when it comes to 0% can improve the life of it

This saying is limited to the design of battery 10 years ago. The batteries before had memory effect and the electric power would low down when you charge them when the power is not 0%. But now, the batteries are improved, and no memory effect remains. (The best way to protect batteries is to make a circle charge once a month.)
iphone battery

Mistakes 6:

Photo Stream is used to backup photos

Many users are familiar with Photo Stream. This function enables people to sync the photos they take to the iOS, OSX and PC (With WiFi). Don’t think it can backup iPhone photos! Because the highest limitation of photo stream is 1000 photos, if your photos arrive 1000, it will begin to delete the photos in your photo stream file from the oldest one.  So you might need to transfer photos from iPhone to computer to back them up.
photo stream

Mistakes 7:

You can restore iPhone by DFU mode even if you open the Activation Lock

As many users know, iOS 7 has a function called Activation Lock. When users lost iPhone, this function will lock their iPhone and avoid being renewed. This saying is wrong! Even if the Activation Lock is opened, iPhone can also be renewed, but won’t be activated successfully. The way to activate locked iPhone is to input the Apple ID and code of the user of change the main board.
dfu mode

Mistakes 8:

iPhone will be invalid if you forgot iPhone passcode

Forget the unlocked code and the Apple ID at the same time? Not telling jokes, two of my friends suffer that. But you don’t need to feel desperate if you forget both of them. Your iPhone won’t be invalid. If you have the purchasing document, the credit card you use to buy iPhone and ID card, you can bring them to Apple Retail Store, the staff will help you unlocked your iPhone.
iphone code

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